Graduation Day at Our Alma Mater

Happy graduation day to the most recent graduates of our Alma Mater, Grand Valley State University! I hope your experience at GVSU has prepped you well for the world you’re entering, as it did for Freddy and me. You may not all leave with jobs and a spouse secured, but if you were open to it…… Continue reading Graduation Day at Our Alma Mater

And So It Begins… (Part I)

The Recap: Weekend Tales, As Condensed As Possible This past week has been utterly fulfilling/captivating/inspiring/frustrating/testing/liberating/breaking/and satisfying. My last post sounds a little dramatic for how excited I feel about life right now but the subject matter hasn’t lightened any. I haven’t had any new revelations or results (though I should know more by Wednesday), but…… Continue reading And So It Begins… (Part I)

Ugro – “Don’t Procrastinate. Percolate!”

Alright, it’s already 1:30pm and I’m just getting around to “writing” this 25 page paper that I needed to have done last week in order to graduate. It’s the last thing I want to do. I took the hard steps in convincing myself that I was making the right decision by turning down a potential…… Continue reading Ugro – “Don’t Procrastinate. Percolate!”