Happy 4 Month, Emma Josephine!

Happy 4 Months, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are over 4 months old now!

You have quickly staked your claim as our adventuresome child. You went blueberry picking for daddy’s birthday under the hot, summer sun for 24 lbs worth of blue. You dipped your toes in Torch Lake and exchanged big-eyed grins with your newest cousin, Alexis. You even participated in your first cornhole tournament complete with stroller-sloshed suds raining down as your trophy, compliments of Grandma! You are always a trooper when you’re out but you don’t hesitate to clear your schedule the next day to recuperate. (Must be the Megan in you.)

You giggle. Your dad and I would stand on our heads and dance around the room just to hear your little squeals of happiness. You are easily distracted if you think there’s something new to learn but you’re focused bouncing in your jumper. The back to front roll has gone from back to front to back again, taking you through a complete 360. You reach for toys and necklaces and faces. Your stuffed monkey is your favorite but you love to squeeze your toy that laughs.

Aunt Janice found two tooth buds this month and we’ve watched in fear and excitement as you’ve chomped, chomped, chomped those gums but that’s all it’s been so far. You’re flexible. Your toe touches are the envy of cheerleaders and yogis alike although you’re alone when it comes to using your big toe as a pacifier.

Em, I can’t tell you how much we love you. Your dad and I run home to you each day and count down the seconds to our weekends. Even Winston includes you in his daily nuzzles. We absolutely adore you.

Happy 4 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

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