Happy 6 Month, Emma Josephine!


Emma dear, you are over 6 months old today!

Over the past several weeks, you visited our favorite apple orchard where you begged for donuts and cider and you welcomed Fall. You went on walks and met distant friends. Visited the neighbors and celebrated new homes. You like meeting new people from afar but cry “Stranger Danger!” if they get too close.

We are quickly learning why parents say that every new stage is the favorite stage. We’re sure this is our favorite stage with you! You are curious with a capital C and you love to feel, pat, scratch, and taste everything in your path. You teeter on the brink of crawling, perfecting the plank and rocking back and forth on fours until you face plant gracelessly again and again.

You caught your first cold this month. Somehow you knew that the best way to get over it was to pass it on. Thank you for that. Yet even under the weather, you manage high spirits, smiling and playing and soaking in extra snuggles. Does anything get you down?

We love watching you play and getting down to your level where you hand out kisses like candy. There is nothing sweeter than baby love!

Happy 6 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

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