Happy 7 month, Emma Josephine!


Emma, dear, you are over 7 months old!

You have spent this past month conquering the crawl and you are constantly on the move. Rumor has it, you’ve developed a nasty habit, stealing your friend’s bottles when they’re not looking! Your teachers are on to you though, catching you in the act and causing you to chuckle. You bad thing!

You’re trying new foods, from avocados to sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, spinach & pear, carrot & beets. You only like avocados when they’re perfectly ripe and bananas are not your thing. But sweet potatoes! Oh how you love them! You might just turn orange.

We took you trick-or-treating this month, introduced you to snow, hosted several dinner parties, and had family pictures taken. Anyone who knows you knows that you’re a delight in the day but if one more person asks me if I’m sleeping through the night, I will burst into tears, much like you do every. three. hours. during the night (you used to sleep for four!!!). Our pictures are getting harder to capture with the darker hours and this month’s caught you in between non-stop movement and the next nap but you’re patient for pictures.

Your father and I love to watch you move around, scooting across the room ahead of you and calling you around corners. Keep discovering your world, eyes wide with wonder!

Happy 7 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

6months 021


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