Whole30 Update: Day 21

I am less than ten days away from completing the Whole30 program and I’ve got to say, I’m nervous. I’m nervous because I love it and have done so well with this program. There’s something so simple about drawing hard lines about what you will and won’t put into your body.

I started this particular “Year of 30” challenge at the best possible time too. My CFO and HR Manager just finished the program so the office is somewhat familiar with the gig. The two have been incredibly supportive and everyone else doesn’t care, is afraid to mention anything and get trapped in a 30 minute dialogue about it with me, or has some pretty encouraging things to say.

Oh, and one of my best girlfriends just taught me how to make Whole30 compliant ranch. Yum. It’s so right and it feels so wrong…

I’m 9 days out and I’m afraid of losing those hard do-and-don’t lines. I’m worried that I won’t really know if something is causing inflammation and it will become part of my life again. I’m worried because it’s so easy to make concessions here and there until they’re everywhere.

Right now, I feel good.

I was starting to drag this weekend and I was feeling pretty down about getting this far into the program and not having reliable energy until I happened to look at the clock one night.

My bedtime has been 9:00pm for a long time; 9:30pm at the latest. I was exhausted. If I pushed myself, I woke up sick without fail. A late night? A sore throat. Last year, after 6 years of being tired, I finally went in for allergy tests but they all came back negative. I could not stand the thought of spending my 30s as tired as I had spent my mid-to-late twenties.

But this past week I’ve been shutting off around 11:00pm. I’m tired in the mornings but I’m not delirious and even if I was, I’m going to bed two hours after my usual bedtime. (I agree with you if you’re thinking that’s probably not the best way to manage my new found energy but you need to realize that this is new to me!)

Anyway, if anyone has experience with reintroduction or holding tight to some rules after Whole30, I would be so appreciative to hear from you. What worked? What didn’t? What setbacks did you not see coming? How are you succeeding today?


  1. Esther · June 6, 2017

    Hey guess what? I think you’re a rock star! I’m already so impressed by your discipline and your dedication to helping yourself feel better! No doubt you’ll find your stride post-Whole30!

    • megdanielle · June 7, 2017

      You’re the best! Thanks for partnering up with me for this!

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