Life List 2010: Frederik Meijer Gardens (CHECK!)

I was so productive yesterday that I’ve slacked off already today. I’ve really enjoyed waking up early but today I didn’t even come to consciousness until about 10:30am. Haha. Figures. I will say, however, that yesterday was a great day! This is how it started: I got a phone call from a friend telling me…… Continue reading Life List 2010: Frederik Meijer Gardens (CHECK!)

Life List 2010: See a Bald Eagle in Nature (CHECK!)

If this was VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” they’d be featuring me. Today, I drove from my hometown to my current town then out to a friend’s cottage. We drifted around on inner tubes, went for a pontoon ride on a pontoon that hauls, swam in the water, ate some delicious food, shared great conversation, enjoyed…… Continue reading Life List 2010: See a Bald Eagle in Nature (CHECK!)

Past Influences and Parties

Fact: I feel sexiest when driving in my car, windows down, music up, night air, wind in my hair. I drove from Grand Rapids to my parents’ home today. I arrived home just in time to catch my mom and her friends mid-celebration for one of my high school teachers; it was her retirement party.  Not only do I…… Continue reading Past Influences and Parties

My Life in '04

The title to tonight’s blog was taken from a scrapbook I made for a psychology project. It’s dated December 16, 2004. Inside, it holds truths which remain constant today, those which have turned into untruths following time/experiences/growth, and also those which remain true though less prominent in my interpretation of the present. It’s worth reviewing. And updating.…… Continue reading My Life in '04

It's Jamaica, Mon!

I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Jamaica last night (NBD). The journey started Thursday morning with a flight from Detroit to Atlanta which then connected to Montego Bay, Jamaica. When we arrived (I went as a friend’s date), our shuttle wasn’t present to pick us up so we took a cab with one…… Continue reading It's Jamaica, Mon!