Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are well over 8 months old! Your month marker came and went without our typical photos this time around because in the battle between documenting and living, real life wins. Because sick babies need comfort, not camera flashes and catch phrases. Your smiles were cut short this month with coughing fits that scared us so…… Continue reading Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!


Emma, dear, you are over 3 months old today. This past month has been chalked full of some pretty big firsts! You rolled over, from back to tummy and what we thought was a fluke has now become a fluid movement of grace. We were terrified the first time you practiced the move in your…… Continue reading HAPPY 3 MONTH, EMMA JOSEPHINE!

Happy 1 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are 1 month old today. During your first month of life, you have captured our hearts more than we could have imagined. You have shown incredible strength, lifting your head the day you were born and continuing to do so every day after. We knew you'd be strong at 10.1 lbs and… Continue reading Happy 1 Month, Emma Josephine!